1. Estimation

  • a) Providing cost sheet for typical configuration
  • b) All you need to do is send us your typology along with the series required
  • c) Complete break down of individual component cost

2. Bill Of Quantity

  • a) Complete window BOQ for aluminium and hardware after receipt of your confirm order
  • b) Optimization of aluminium profile

3. Cutting & Assembling

  • a) Providing complete cutting list including degree of cuts
  • b) Providing Complete fabrication details which includes all hardware notching and slotting details
  • c) Providing complete windows in knock down condition

4. Training

  • a) Training your team members in terms of assembly through instruction manual
  • b) Practical training is also possible only for our privileged customers.

5. Site Inspection

  • a) Providing on site inspection during installation in terms of having perfectly installed windows
  • b) Post installation, on-site inspection will be provided to certify the windows by our technical department.